Opening week at Green Light Escape Room: Wilmington’s largest Escape Room

So… we are open!! It was a wonderful, crazy, exciting, hectic week, and we loved it! Designing and creating an escape room can be a stressful and intense process. We personally created each of the props in our rooms with a few good ideas and David’s engineer/mechanical brain. Being able to watch them be put to use is a very suspenseful and rewarding thing! Several groups of friends were sweet enough to go in and be our beta testers for the time traveler escape room. They did great!! And they helped us fix a couple of holes that made escaping from the Evil Time Lord a little too easy. I must admit watching an escape room being played is almost as fun as playing it.

Group photo after escape room in Downtown Wilmington FullSizeRender_1

Wilmington Nc Best escape room, Escapers      FullSizeRender

We had such a great time! They all defeated the Evil Time Lord! We are so happy and appreciative for everyone’s support.

Dante Wyatt came to shoot a few teasers of the room and I can’t wait to show you the amazing stuff he’s come up with! The footage is the perfect dose of mystery mixed with a little creepy.

Thank you all so much for being there! Onto the rest of the month!

One thought on “Opening week at Green Light Escape Room: Wilmington’s largest Escape Room

  • The rooms are not scary but the Alien escape room may be a little creepy for a 5 year old just because it s themed around aliens and there are a few life-like alien props.

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