Thank you for making this our best weekend ever!!

Hello everyone!

It’s our first blog post of 2017 and i have to say it’s a very happy one! We are back from our weeklong escape room marathon in New York City, we had a fantastic time and learned so much. Expect to see a full review of our trip and each escape room we visited here on the blog very soon!

We opened our doors at the end of August 2016 and we have absolutely loved our new career venture. From developing creative concepts, to late night wall painting parties, to seeing the smiles on guests faces as they bond with friends and family. On the flip side we’ve also done a lot of trouble-shooting, re-working, and scrapping of projects. We are so glad we took the leap!

Really, we want to thank everyone that has come to see us and try out our escape rooms and can’t wait to meet more awesome teams in 2017! We arrived home from our New York trip exhausted and wanting to curl up on the couch with a beer and binge watch The Office, but what a great time to be at Green Light Escape Room! You guys made this our best and busiest weekend since we opened! A new record was even set in Alien Escape 🙂 We are so thankful and excited for things to come in 2017. AND… we are getting that couch time and binge watching in today 😉 We hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing day off with family and we’ll see you next weekend! Check out some of the past weekends escapees!

Our new Alien Escape record holders!!

The Breakout Room Escape game room in wilmington north carolina

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