Alien Escape Grand Opening!

We are so excited to announce that after lots of long nights and sweat the Alien Escape is now open for business! Are you smart enough to outwit the alien captors?

David is a huge sci-fi geek and building this room was basically a dream come true for him. I was very excited for the Kidnapped (Time travel) room because I have always loved all things historic, but Alien Escape is 100% David’s baby aside from some painting help from yours truly. I must say he did a really fantastic job and guests are LOVING it! We are so happy to see clients that really enjoyed Kidnapped come back to try Alien Escape and be blown away. It makes my heart do a happy dance! Thank you so much to everyone for the support of our new small business… and please tell your friends 😉

If you have already visited our Kidnapped! (Time Travel) Escape Room and are wondering how the Alien Escape room compares the Alien room is a more challenging game and has more of a creepy factor mixed in with some humor. David really went above and beyond with the effects in this room making it very immersive which I think adds to the urgency players feel. It seems to be a good motivator!

Because of the secret nature of the business I can’t really show you too much of the inside of the room but I can give you a few teasers and the smiling faces of escapees!

Alien Escape room in wilmington North Carolina, The Breakout Room

Sort of a teaser… really just random décor 😉

Wilmington North Carolina Escape room, Best wilmington escape room Alien Escape

They escaped! And even left with a new alien friend.

Alien Escape Room Winners, The Breakout Room escape game in Downtown Wilmington NC                                                                                    Not Probed!! We’ve found this to be our most popular Alien Escapee sign

Many more images to be added soon!



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