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The Escape Rooms

You and your team will have 60 minutes to escape from one of our thrilling and immersive rooms. Your ability to communicate, problem-solve, and keep cool under pressure will be put to the test. That being said, here at The Breakout Room we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. Expect plenty of laughs along your journey to break the tension- after all this is meant to be FUN! If you like a challenge, being forced to think outside-the-box, and a mixture of thrill and mystery then real-life escape games are for you.
We pride ourselves on providing a completely immersive and unique escape game experience. You are right in the story! As you and your team work through mind-bending puzzles, riddles, and other-worldly devices this alternate reality becomes even more gripping. Will you be able to break out?
Choose your new reality...

You’ve been kidnapped. You find yourself in a dark room with mere minutes to escape. You quickly realize you aren’t even in your era. Do you and your team have what it takes to escape and return to your timeline? This room is perfect for those new to escape rooms.
Difficulty 7/10
$26 per person
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Alien Escape

You and your team awaken in what appears to be a cryogenic chamber… cold and confused in this dark space you must find your way to the control room before your captors realize you’re missing. This room is designed with experienced escape room players in mind.
Difficulty 8/10
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Escape the Roxbury

A comedic take on the escape room experience.
You and your team are the worst FBI agents the Bureau has ever seen and you’ve been tasked with stopping the most notoriously incompetent criminal “mastermind” in modern history. You must go undercover at Wilmington’s hottest club and stop him. Brace yourselves for epic one-liners and laugh yourself to the end of the mission.
Difficulty 9/10
$26 per person
Recommended for ages 13 & up
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Opening late April 2017

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What are Escape Games all about?

The Breakout Room escape games are designed to challenge and excite players of all skill levels. Here's how it works:
Step 1: Get locked in a room filled with mystery
Step 1: Get locked in a room filled with mystery
Step 2: Find the clues and solve the mystery
Step 2: Find the clues and solve the mystery
Step 3: Escape and celebrate!!!
Step 3: Escape and celebrate!!!
We recommend grabbing a great meal or exceptional craft beer at one of the many places nearby. After all, everyone on the team is going to want to discuss your escape!

Find Us!

We are located in the heart of Historic Downtown Wilmington above Chop's Deli, next to The U.S. Post Office, and right across the street from Cape Fear Beer & Wine. Our address is 130 N. Front St. Suite 202 located on the second floor of the Front Street Centre building. We have stair and elevator access.

The Breakout Room street view

The Breakout Room Escape Games next to the US Post Office in Downtown Wilmington

Even our Alley is awesome!

Historic alley near The Breakout Room Escape Room in Wilmington

Across the street

What are people saying?

*What is an escape room?
An escape room is a real life puzzle/mystery solving game. You and a team of friends work together to solve the puzzles and escape the room in 60 minutes or less.

* Who can play?
Escape rooms are great for gamers, tourists, and locals alike. Players don’t need any specialized knowledge to complete an escape room. For The Breakout room we recommend ages 11 and up. The puzzles and clues are fairly tough and younger children may get bored. Babies and toddlers are not permitted in the escape rooms due to safety and ease of play.

* I’ve done an escape room in Wilmington before and it was bad- what makes this different?
Not all escape rooms are equal! We have worked very hard to create high quality, immersive, functional rooms. Things in our rooms move, open, and work as they should. We are much more than a room full of locked boxes.

* Can I bring my phone in?
Sure! At The Breakout Room we hate to be without our phones too! All we ask is that no photographs be taken in the room so as not to spoil the experience for future players.

*What happens if we don’t escape in time?
You’re stuck here forever!! Just kidding 🙂 A game master will come in and if you choose show you how to complete the room. The rooms are challenging so not everyone escapes but most teams if they don’t escape, come very close!

* Where should we park?
Metered street parking is available as well as several parking decks. The closest parking deck is City of Wilmington 2nd Street Parking Deck 114 N 2nd St The Parking deck at 115 N. Market St. is only about a block and a half away and is an easy scenic walk. Parking decks are free for the first hour and $1 per hour after. Plan to spend about an hour and a half with us.

*Wouldn’t this be more fun if I were drunk or high?
No! Please do not come drunk or high because we can’t allow you to play and that’s not fun for anyone including us!

* Wheelchair accessible?
Yes! We are on the second floor but there is an elevator and all of our rooms are accessible.

* I’m claustrophobic can I play?
Maybe. Our rooms are considered very large in the escape room world and are most likely to be big enough, and no one is ever actually locked in but consider your own situation and plan accordingly.

* Are we really locked in?
Nope! You are never actually locked in- you know, safety and stuff.

*Is it scary?
Our escape rooms are not horror rooms so there is no gore and no one is going to jump out and scare you. We lean much more towards the mystery/suspense side of things.

*Will we be playing with strangers?
If your group does not fill the 8 allotted spaces for the room it is possible that other people will book to play the game as well. It may seem awkward to be placed in a room to play this type of game with people you don't know but studies show groups of people that don't know one another actually perform better! And it's a great way to meet people that have similar interests. If you would like the entire room to yourself you can book all the tickets for the time slot.

Special Events

Lock in your next event by getting locked up
Escape rooms are perfect for team building events outside of the office. They promote communication skills and critical thinking.
  • Not another boring team building event!

    Escape rooms are exciting! While using brainpower to achieve a common goal the bond as a team is strengthened.

  • Communication skills improve

    In order to escape the room team members must put forth more than the usual effort to communicate effectively, sharpening communication skills

  • True team dynamic becomes evident

    Who's a good leader? Does someone peacock- not actually doing the work but happily taking ownership of the result? Who has great ideas but has a hard time speaking up? Who is attentive to the team objective as a whole? A room escape team building excersise is the perfect way to find out and improve communication and team dynamic back at the office.

  • The perfect bonding experience

    At The Breakout Room your team will face unique challenges as a group and triumph over obstacles as a group. Our rooms will immerse the team in another world, take them way out of the mundane, and jumpstart creative and critical thinking improving problem solving as a whole. It will be the talk of the water cooler for months to come!

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Come Escape With us! Here are some of our recent Escapees!

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    Escaped the Kidnapped Escape room in Downtown wilmington nc Downtown Wilmington NC Escape Room players

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    The Breakout Room in Wilmington North Carolina is wheelchair accessible

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    Alien Escape Room Winners, The Breakout Room escape game in Downtown Wilmington NC

    Wilmington North Carolina Escape room, Best wilmington escape room Alien Escape

    They escaped! And even left with a new alien friend

    Alein Escape Room challenging escape game Foz and Max from Wilmington's z107.5 radio station escaped the escape room with 3 minutes to spare

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